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Music Equipment


Audio Bay Studios was founded in 2018 by Billy Morris as a unique multimedia service, specializing in video production and multi-track audio recording. Bringing forward his experience from founding the Lava Room, Billy brought a rockstar perspective to make a truly unique studio. The studio brings a relaxed atmosphere to your recordings, while turning it up to 11 to suit the needs of anyone who passes through our doors. Audio Bay also features shows streamed in front of a live audience at an affordable price.


Billy Morris

Billy Morris is the Studio Owner of Audio Bay Studios. As Co-Founder of Cleveland's Lava Room, Billy has opened a smaller and more affordable way to record audio and video. Modern, state-of-the-art gear, plus Billy's decades of recording experience make Audio Bay Cleveland's best value for recording and video services. 

As the former lead guitar player for platinum recording artist’ Warrant, Billy has played every state in the USA as well as Japan, Korea, Mexico, Australia and many other countries across the world. Billy has also toured and played lead guitar for 80’s headbangers “Quiet Riot” and guitar legend Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big.

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